In Felting, loose wool and other fibers are layered together and saturated with soapy water. Physical agitation causes the loose fibers to interlock with each other. The process causes shrinkage of the wool fibers, which pull the other fibers along with them, creating sinuous, organic textures. This is what excites me about felting! Glossy embellishment fibers like silk and bamboo make these textures even make alluring.

In a twist on traditional felting, Nuno felting incorporates fabric into the process. Loose wool and other fibers are layered on a sheer fabric like silk chiffon. Extra dimension is created as the wool fibers migrate through the fabric and make it fold and wrinkle during felting.  Soft wool and shimmering silk... it's a thing of beauty!

Each creation is  one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art that cannot be reproduced!

Please contact me to inquire about the availability of the scarves you see here. (Hover your cursor over an image to pause the slideshow).