"The Grotto"

The Grotto, 10 x 8 in., acrylics on canvas

As I've said before, when I start a new painting, I don't have a clear image in my mind of what I want the painting to look like... not consciously anyway!  

But I think sometimes my subconscious has something in mind, that's only revealed at the end.  Take The Grotto, for example. When this piece was finished, I had the feeling of being on a cliff, looking down at the swirling ocean below. 

Somewhere in my memory, this place looked familiar. Then I remembered photos I had from nearly a decade ago, of a walk my family used to love taking along the cliffs to the south of Consett Bay in Barbados. The tops of the cliffs are covered with tall, golden grass. With that stiff ocean breeze whipping through your hair and waves crashing on the rocks, the feeling of freedom was palpable... just ask my sister's dog, Fluff!  

You pick your way through the golden grass, hoping not to sprain an ankle on the uneven rocks beneath, then scramble down the cliff to the crashing waves. Every here and there though, would be an area of calm where the water sloshed gently into a small cave... a grotto!

I'm sure that this was my subconscious inspiration for the painting!

Here are installation shots and a closeup of The Grotto
I offer it framed or unframed.

Enjoy this poem written about The Grotto by intuitive poet Karen Louise Wilson!

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