Texture, Texture, Oh My!

Unfurling, 16 x 20 acrylics & mixed media on canvas

I've been a working artist for about 3 decades. Fabric painting, silk painting, quilting, felting and now acrylic painting, have been my media of choice. Over the years I've collected buckets-full of odds and ends from these media, all stashed in various parts of my studio.

Stashed because I thought they'd come in useful for mixed media pieces "sometime in the future". Well the future has finally come and I've begun pulling things out of overstuffed drawers to use as texture in some of my fluid paintings, and at the same time create some space in my workspace (for more "collectibles" of course)!

Here are 2 of the paintings from my new experiment!

Yarn and loose threads create the texture in Unfurling

Besides wanting to declutter my studio, I've been wanting to reduce my load of throwaways. 

To that end, netting bags that we bring home with produce have been finding their way into the studio.  

Also, my fluid painting technique is messy and there's sometimes a lot of paint runoff onto my plastic-covered table. Fortunately, when the paint dries I can peel it off the plastic in sheets called acrylic skins. Some of these skins have cool designs that I've used to make jewelry... other skins, not so much. Instead of tossing the "B" skins, I've been collecting them and using them as a layer of texture on my canvas.

Phoenix Arise, 18 x 24 acrylics & mixed media on canvas

This piece makes use of old paint skins, netting and yarn

Closeups ~

I'm looking forward to seeing where all this is going to take me!