"Sunrise of my Inner Child"

Spring is underway ... and so is a new Collection of paintings!  

I've been working on a group of paintings that I call Imagined Places. These abstract pieces bear no resemblance to actual landscapes, but seem to evoke that familiarity. They may also conjure up places we encounter within ourselves on an inner journey. 

The Collection will be released on Friday, May 21st. Here's the first piece!

Sunrise of my Inner Child, 12 x 12 x 1.5", acrylics on canvas

This colorful and whimsical painting really brings out my inner child and the blurring of the edges between imagination and reality.

Greeting the sunrise but barely awake, my inner child comes out to play and sees faces in the colorful sky, the remnants of a fairytale dream reflected in the water.  What a fun way to begin the day... can I just stay here and play?

I'm delighted to have partnered with intuitive writer/poet Karen Louise Wilson for this collection! 

Karen has the unique talent of being able to put a soulful and imaginative interpretation on my paintings, which come to her in the form of beautiful poems.  

Here is her impression of Sunrise of my Inner Child

Learn more about Karen here!

Here's how Sunrise of my Inner Child adds a touch of lightheartedness your walls!

Detail ~

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