"River Wild" I & II

River Wild I, 24 x 18 x 1.5", acrylics on canvas

This pair of paintings takes us on an emotional journey of trust, hope and optimism that no matter how rough the waters, there is always brightness on the horizon.  We can ride out turbulent times and all will be well. Things can even turn out spectacularly beautiful, beyond our wildest dreams.

River Wild I: Powerfully charged, the riverโ€™s turbulent waters bring lightness to the surface from the depths of the blue revealing how nature creates color and brightness even amidst the stormiest of times. I am reminded of sayings such as โ€œevery cloud has a silver liningโ€ and feel optimistic, even excited, that all will be well no matter how challenging the present circumstances may seem.

River Wild II, 24 x 18 x 1.5", acrylics on canvas

River Wild II: As the riverโ€™s turbulent waters start to settle, a magnificent sight emerges. A new day is dawning and the coral colors of the sunrise tinge the scene with compassion. The  landscape has an enchanted quality. As I witness the almost otherworldly scene I am assured that life is magical and beautiful. I feel safe. 

Karen's poem about these pieces  is a beautiful meditation on the river of life and its peaks and valleys as we flow along with it.

Whether together or apart, "River Wild" adds drama to any room!

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River Wild I, detail

River Wild II, detail