New Work For my Favorite Show

Delicate Duo, 22" x 22" acrylics on canvas

One of my favorite shows to do is the Atalaya Festival in Murrell’s Inlet SC.  It's happening next weekend, September 27 - 29, at Huntington Beach State Park, Murrell's Inlet, SC

 Other than being a good show, the park is right on the beach. After a busy day, a walk on the beach ia the perfect antidote. The park also features a lagoon and extensive marsh - a birder’s paradise! I love to visit the marsh in the early morning before the show opens to watch the plethora of birds come in for breakfast. 

The show itself is held on the inner courtyard and in the rooms of historical landmark, “Atalaya Castle”. Learn more about this interesting place! 

The castle has several rooms of different sizes, which are used as the artists’ booths. After years of having a very small room, and each year requesting the much larger room next to me, I was overjoyed to find out that this year I got the big room! So I have been painting and creating jewelry like a crazy lady to make sure my room is filled with good stuff!

Click for more info on the show and where to find me!

Inshore, 44 x 28 diptych

Untitled, 22" x 28" 

I have recently fallen in love with a color palette of blue and gold (and related colors like turquoise and orange) for my paintings. The beach influence maybe? 🏖🌊 

I think you'll be seeing this palette in most of my work for a while!

These haven't made it on to my website yet, but check out what else I have available!

Jewelry-making has been underway too, as I'll have both at this show. Here's one of my jewelry paintings and the pieces I'm making from it. I'll have lots more at the show!

New in my jewelry shop - good news! I’m making it easier for you to purchase coordinating necklace and earring sets, along with the option of getting the necklace and earrings separately. 👏🏼👏🏼

A couple of examples - more in the Shop.

Thanks for reading today and let me know if you're coming to the Atalaya Festival!