Jewelry-Making in My Outdoor Island Studio

A studio where you can breathe fresh air,  overlooking the ocean, surrounded by lush tropical flowers and birdsong. Gentle breezes rustling the palm trees and taking the edge off the heat. Waves lapping at the shore.

Sounds like a dream studio?  Well I had one for 10 beautiful days in January - conveniently while my usual home of N. Carolina was having its coldest winter temperatures! 

Every so often my husband Ron gets invited to guest lecture at the Vet School at St. George's University (an American offshore Med and Vet college) on the Caribbean island of Grenada.

Since my jewelry-making is portable, I tagged along  and made it into a working vacation.  I had painted some acrylic skins before I left home, and my task was to find juicy little parts of the designs to cut into earring and pendant shapes.

SGU houses its visiting faculty at a hotel that's right on the water at Prickly Bay. Our balcony had a great view - and this became my studio! What a treat it was to create in that environment!  Hummingbirds and bananquits were my constant companions - they loved the flowers of the aloe plants outside the balcony. See if you can make them out in the first 2 photos!

My view!


My outdoor studio - work to be done; swim fins at the ready for break time!


When Ron had some free time, our favorite thing to do was kayak the 1.5 mile distance from the hotel to Lance aux Épines beach, have a good swim then kayak back. It was lovely being on the water among the sailboats!


So... did I actually get any work done? Well yes! Lots of hunting for just the right designs on my acrylic skins, cutting, glueing. I didn't have enough settings to complete each piece, but I made a good start.



Here are some other scenes from around the island. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that SGU will invite Ron to teach again next year 🀞🏼🀞🏼

Thanks for reading!