"Insomnia" - A Sheridan Bushnell Poem for my Painting "Insomnia"

Insomnia, 8 x 10 in., Acrylics on canvas


Insomnia started out as a complete failure in terms of how I had intended this painting to turn out.

When things weren't going my way, in frustration I grabbed my palette knife and swiped it several times through the paint. It was a mess. It was late, so I left the ruined painting alone until morning.

Overnight, the mixing of all the paint layers by my swiping, caused blobs from the bottom layers to pop to the surface like bubbles. I thought, "This is just what I feel like at 3 a.m., tired but wide awake, brain whirling around countless thoughts!" And so Insomnia named itself and was saved from the "Discards" pile! 

Insomnia was chosen by writer/poet Sheridan Bushnell as her subject for Vision and Voice, an annual event at The Joyful Jewel gallery,

Several weeks before the main event, local writers choose art in the gallery that sparks inspiration in them to write!  Then at the Vision and Voice gathering, the writers read their poems/stories while the artists hold their piece up for all to see. In all, 27 works of art were graced with flowing words from our writers.

Sheridan's words express perfectly the feel of the painting, and my own experience on those darn sleepless nights!

Here is Insomnia by Sheridan Bushnell. 

No room for sleep here.

Bubbling Creativity invites you

To remain awake,

Visit dreams’ storehouse of magic,

Eyes wide open, heart alert,

Ever ready to experience wonder!






This is a commemorative book of the event (available at the gallery). Each beautiful page features the artist's work and the words inspired by it.




The original painting is available at The Joyful Jewel, 44A Hillsboro St. in downtown Pittsboro NC. If you'd like to purchase it but aren't near Pittsboro, it can be shipped to you! Just contact the gallery. Sheridan's books are also sold there. (919) 883-2775, email: mariah.joyfuljewel@gmail.com. 


If you'd prefer a print of Insomnia, it's available here in various sizes and media.



Thanks for joining me here today!