New! Hand Painted, Stretchy Cuff Bracelets Now Listed on my Website

It's... Bracelet Jenga! Can you guess how many tries it took to get this stack-o-bracelets to pose for a photo without falling apart? πŸ˜œ

When I started making jewelry, my intention was to stick to just earrings and pendants.

After about my 3rd show with those selling well,  I added a few bracelets. I was surprised at how much people liked them! And I kept finding new bracelet settings that I just had to try!

I think the cuff-style stretch bracelets like in the photo are my favorite jewelry pieces to make - I love how the 8 mini-paintings in each one are different but complement each other so nicely!

You can find my stretch bracelets at

Of course, the design part of the process - i.e. finding just the right pieces of the original painting to use for my gems - is the most enjoyable. I spend oodles (and oodles) of time doing this - it's like a scavenger hunt! In between the hunt and the finished piece is a lot of cutting, gluing, trimming and polishing.

This sped-up, time-lapse video gives whisks you through the making of 'Eventide' bracelet. 

As always, I'd be glad to create a piece of jewelry just for you! If you don't see what you're looking for in my Jewelry Shop, please contact me

Thanks for joining me here today,