A Striking Red Painting for a Jolt of Color

Shredded, 8 x 8 in., Acrylics on gallery wrap canvas


Drama. Just about anything with red in it says "Stop and look at me!" πŸ›‘ πŸ‘€

So it is with the pop of red against the gray background in Shredded.

Shredded is one of a series of paintings I did with the theme of a mostly gray painting with an accent of a single color or color family. It's an exercise I like to do... keep one element constant and see the effects of varying another. Must be something to do with my science background!

So where did the title come from? Well even in an abstract painting, I usually "see" something floral immediately. This piece reminded me of the beating our garden took from a slew of spring storms... bits and pieces of flowers and other plants all over the place!

One reason I love painting abstracts is that they are open to interpretation. While I saw this as a flower, others saw: dragons, a starfish, and amoeba, even  dog chasing a squirrel!

The original painting is quite small - just 8 inches square - great for a pop of color in a small space! Let me know if you have a wall calling out for it 😁

If you want to go bigger, best option is a print - which you can get in my Print Shop in various sizes and finishes.

The photos below give you an idea of how a print can enliven your decor. How about it on that red wall! 😜


To make choosing a print easier for you, my website has "Live Preview Augmented Reality", which allows you to see what my art will look like on your very own wall, as long as you have a mobile device with a camera. How cool is that!  

Give Augmented Reality a try - here's how!

  • Click the image above to go to "Shredded" in my Print Shop.
  • Give my site access to your camera, and point the image at your wall.
  • Use the +/- icons at the bottom of the screen to change the print size. 
  • Move your camera around to move the image around on your wall.
  • If you don't have a device with a camera - use "Wall Preview"  instead. With customized color options, you can visualize how your print will look in a virtual room. The image above shows the Living Room preview. I changed the wall color from the default white to a bold red! There are unlimited colors to play with at the click of a button!

Did I mention that the original painting is available? If you're interested in adding it to your collection, or having me paint a similar piece for you in a different size, please contact me!

Thanks for joining me here today!



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