Tobago - Inspiration For The Spirit

I'm talking about getting away from hubbub of regular life and spending a little time with Mother Nature. That's easy to do in Tobago, basically a tiny strip of mountains that emerge from the sea off the northeast coast of Trinidad, my home island. Once you get away from the busy south end of Tobago, the winding mountain roads treat you to a new and gorgeous ocean or rainforest vista around every turn, or at the end of every hike.


We stayed in Castara, about halfway up the leeward coast, in Blue Mango Cottages - a group of simple, rustic cottages perched on the cliff overlooking the Big and Small Bays of Castara. No AC (just sea breeze and fans), no TV, no internet to speak of.  Short walk down to the calm, clear, silky waters of the bay where the only sound as you swim are waves lapping and numerous seabirds circling overhead. No speed boats, no jet skis.

Tobago is well known for its birds and we were lucky enough to see several species without much effort. Since the balcony of our cottage was right in the treetops, it was a great place for bird watching! Just put some fruit out on the railing and down they come.

If you haven't visited Tobago yet, I hope it'll be on your to-do list! Now it's back to the studio...