New Website, New Blog Feed: From Wordpress to Squarespace

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Well it has been a grind but I finally have a new website at! It’s still a work in progress but I’m getting there... still a lot of images to put up. Why did I choose go to the trouble of creating a new website, you ask? I won’t go into the tech stuff here, but in a nutshell I moved from the self-hosted Wordpress platform to Squarespace, because I just couldn’t keep up with the high maintenance of WP.  I kept falling further and further behind in updating my site. Not good!

Squarespace however is dead easy to use once you’ve made it over the relatively gentle learning curve. I’ve had to sacrifice some design flexibility (which my perfectionist gene is struggling with!) but I think it’s a fair trade and overall I’m happy with my site’s new look! Like everything else, this is an experiment... you don't know till you try.

Leave me a comment if you have feedback on the new site or if you have a question about my take on Squarespace (I’m using the Dovetail template).

I’ve integrated a shopping cart from the Print-on-Demand service at so that you can now buy reproductions of my paintings - prints, cards smartphone cases  - right here on this site. Cool, huh? 

I’m planning on having a shopping cart for purchasing and custom ordering scarves here too - that will come later!

Here is a screenshot of my new home page -

Screenshot of part of my home page

Screenshot of part of my home page

I haven’t been in the studio much since starting this website project, but here’s my most recent nuno felt scarf. This a paj silk scarf that I had previously dyed in red and peach. I cut diagonal pieces off both ends before laying red, yellow and orange wool out. I love the tapered look this gave and will be doing that more often!

Now that the website is mostly done, I can't wait to get back into the studio!