Zentangle Inspired Silk Paintings

In a nutshell, Zentangle is an intriguing art form where you build intricate-looking patterns called tangles, using a relatively easy stroke by stroke formula. I've incorporated Zentangle into scarves before (see this post), but this is a set of tiny paintings, just 4 x 4 in.

I fished some pieces of abstract, swirly, painted silk out of my scrap bag and adhered them to stretched canvases (forgot to take pics of them a† this stage). I then got out my black fabric pens and started drawing some of my favorite tangles. I had no preconceived idea of how any of these would turn out... I just started drawing at one point on the canvas and the patterns evolved from there. Shading was done with a graphite pencil afterwards.

I called this series 'The Gift' because after my first stage of drawing - the central motif with radiating arms - looked like ribbons around a parcel. Although they don't look much like parcels anymore, I'd thought I'd keep the name anyway!

These next two are a little different in that the scrap painted silk had more defined areas of color. Instead of drawing a whole Zentangle I filled in some areas with various tangles. I used a very fine fabric pen for the shading on these.

The sides of these little paintings are painted black and they are ready to hang or display on a mini easel. Contact me if you're interested in inviting any of them into your home!