Starting is the Hardest Part

New year, new stuff! At the beginning of the year, I resolved to quit putting off something that I've been dying to try but kept finding excuses not to get started - acrylic abstract painting. I had paints, I had canvases. But every time I looked at a blank canvas, I bolted. No more!

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, I'd become fascinated with poured acrylic paintings. This means that the paint - which is usually like a gel or paste - is made more fluid and pourable by the addition of water and/or fluid acrylic mediums. The paint is poured onto the canvas, then the canvas is tilted and turned to make the paint move around the canvas. I finally stopped just watching and started doing!

Here are some of my first pieces - they are a combination of pouring and finger painting.



Just like in silk painting and felting, the outcome of these poured paintings is quite unpredictable... do you notice a trend here? Other than pouring blobs of color in the places I think I want them, I'm not starting off with any preconceived idea of what the painting should look like. 

To some extent I can control the direction in which the paint flows and make adjustments to the developing composition as I go... but the organic patterns that are created when the paints interact with each other is pure serendipity!

Dear Reader, if you're a creator... of art, writing, music or whatever... you know how scary it can be to put these bits and pieces of yourself out there for the world to see and judge! That was definitely the case with me. But I have been very encouraged by the positive feedback I've received about these paintings from those who have seen them and am looking forward to doing lots more!

Thanks for reading,

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