Variations on a Theme

If you're ever in a creative slump... and doesn't it happen to all of us... one of the easiest ways to clamber out of it is to start with a design you've already done, and just change a couple of things about it in the next piece, then make a a change or two in following piece, and so on. Before you know it, you have a series of new creations!

These five scarves nicely illustrate the progression of this process.

This one was the beginning of the series. The basic design is 3 colored stripes along the length of the scarf, bordered by grey on either side. Secondary patterns of lines or circles within each stripe complete the design.


No. 2 - here I changed the middle colors and my stripes and lines got more wavy and irregular. The circles moved from the outer grey border to the center stripe.


No. 3 was a simple change of colors for the inner stripe. I kept the open circles in the center stripe and added a subtle spiral design to the grey borders.


No. 4 still follows the pattern of grey on the outsides and colors in the middle. This time I made the circles in the center stripe solid instead of open, and added color to the grey borders. For the sake of harmony, I used the same colors as in the middle stripes to paint spirals along one edge and solid circles along the other.


Nothing subtle about No. 5! I liked the blue so much in scarf no. 3 that I decided to make it the main color along the edges in this one. It has a completely different feel to the others, with the bold primary colors dominating and the grey being just a small neutral accent... but it's still the same basic design as the first scarf.

Again I used the red and yellow from the middle stripes to make patterns in the blue... so now thanks to color mixing of the transparent dyes,  new colors (blue-violet and yellow-green) have been created. The other change is that the spirals have moved to the center stripe and the borders now have solid and open circles.

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into the creation of a series! With the concept of making simple changes from one the piece to the next, I could make an almost infinite number of scarves, each one being different from, but related to the others.

If you'd like to wear one of these scarves you can order from my online scarf shop, or visit Village Art Circle Gallery.