Same Design, Different Color Palette = Big Change in Look

Color and its effects are truly fascinating! In my silk scarf painting, I often repeat a design that I've done before, but use different color combinations and/or styles of painting to make each scarf one of a kind... and I thought I'd share some examples with you!

 For each of these pairs of scarves, I first drew a 'master' design on paper and then traced it onto different scarves, making variations as I went. I can never do the same thing twice, even when I'm just tracing...

Each of these two water lily scarves actually contain the same colors. But by changing the placement of colors and their ratios to each other, each scarf has an entirely different feel to it.

hand painted  scarves water lilies

These two water lily scarves measure 14 x 72 inches are are available in my website shop.


The four scarves below were all created from the same original idea - flowers scattered along a single border - but changes in color and of course the different flowers, make four totally different scarves.

The organic blending and patterns that are formed as the dyes move and dry on the silk also contribute to the uniqueness of each scarf. The dyes are unpredictable and never behave the same way from one time to the next... so even if I repeated adesign and color combination, I couldn't make it exactly like the original... believe me, I've tried!

The sunflowers and orchids have already been sold, but I'd be glad to create a new, similar scarf for you! Contact me or order from the shop.

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into my creative process! It can be frustrating when the dyes don't do what I think they're going to do, but usually the surprises are good ones, and the only person seeing the 'mistakes' is me.