Color Inspiration: Pantone Spring Color Report

Twice a year - spring and fall - the color experts at Pantone release what's called a "Fashion Color Report", which forecasts the colors we see on the fashion runways and stores during a particular season.

Personally, I don't pay much attention to it - I wear whatever I want to wear, not what someone else tells me I "should" wear. Plus I don't buy new clothes each season. Over the years I've found my customers to be pretty much the same.

However the color reports are great for giving me ideas for new color combinations and getting me out of a color rut. I go to the hardware store and get paint chips in all the colors so I can move them around and see what looks good with what.

pantone Spring 2016 Color forecast


Here are 2 scarves created with the Spring 2016 Color Report in mind. Other than the "Peach Echo", for which I decided to substitute a truer orange, I mixed my colors fairly close to what's on the chart.

This scarf has all 10 colors - there's nothing it won't go with!


Gray was never a color on my palette until fairly recently. Now I love it as a balance to my bright colors! I added just a touch of cool purple to a neutral gray to make my version of Pantone's "Lilac Gray". It's a wonderful offset to the warm orange and red in this scarf.

I sold both of these scarves last weekend, but you can order similar ones in the scarf shop on my website. Stay tuned for more Pantone-inspired scarves!