'Sky Touching Earth' - Great Reception!

'Sky Touching Earth' got off to a great start last Friday, with near record attendance for Village Art Circle and a very appreciative crowd. Elizabeth Lee and I thank everyone who came and made an evening of painted silk scarves and oil paintings so special. We frequently heard how well our work showed together, even though the mediums and subjects were so different... that was music to our ears! The colors in the shadows of Liz's expertly painted white dishes were a perfect complement to the colors in my skies and clouds.

Hanging was a bit of a challenge, but I think we did quite well! Here are some shots of the show all hung and ready for visitors ~


Opening night ~  with thanks for photos contributed by Greg Miller, JJ Chiang and Wally Campbell.


Sonny Enslen's cello gave the evening just the right ambience ~


Liz and I each gave a brief talk about our work ~


After the talks I did a demo showing several different ways to tie scarves - I was glad to hear later from some of the audience that they had learned some new scarf tricks! Liz's daughter Ariel was kind enough to be my model, and l was also ably assisted by Ariel's daughter Harper, who proudly held the scarves I was going to use, and her friend Trinity who held my scarf slides and clips.


I think this photo sums up how Liz and I feel about our show and the enthusiastic response shown by all who came!


Sky Touching Earth runs until April 27th at Village Art Circle Gallery, in Ashworth Village, 200 S. Academy St., Cary NC 27511.

  • Gallery Hours are Wednesday to Saturday 11 - 5.

I hope you'll get a chance to visit!