Silken Sunsets and Starry Skies

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm getting ready for a joint gallery show with oil painter Elizabeth Lee at Village Art Circle in Cary NC. Here's a sneak peek at some of our completed pieces! (Click the images for a closer look).

Since this is a gallery show, I'm painting scarves that could also be hung as wall panels. They are mostly sky with a slice of abstract landscape at the bottom and look pretty funky when worn, since the two ends are totally different.

I love painting sunsets - all those colors to go wild with! Some unusual night skies that I saw in Australia several years ago were the inspiration for the bottom two scarves.


Totally different imagery but working on the same theme - in her still life paintings of white ceramic dishes, Elizabeth Lee explores how light creates visual shapes and shadows on the earth’s surface.

If you look carefully at Liz's dishes, you'll see how colorful they are! All influenced by light from the sky. Who says white has to be boring?

You can see more of Liz's work at

Sky Touching Earth opens on Friday March 25th at Village Art Circle, 200 S. Academy St., Cary NC 27511. The show runs through April 27th.
Gallery Hours are Wednesday to Saturday 11 - 5.