Warm Wool, Hot Sunset

Before the Holiday season, March 25th 2016 seemed like such a long way away. That’s the Opening Reception date for my Village Art Circle gallery show with fellow VAC artist, Liz Lee. Now that it's less than 2 months away, it's really time to get into high gear!

Our show is called Sky Touching Earth. My part of the show will feature scarves and shawls with a sky theme - lots of sunsets and interesting clouds! - and Liz will focus more on earthy things like still lifes featuring clay and ceramic, among other objects.

I’ve started off with this felted shawl. This piece actually started quite accidentally... I was foraging around my fiber stash and discovered all sorts and leftover bits and pieces from other projects, and found a number of leftovers that said, “Sunset”!


The photos below show some of the beginning stages of the design. This really was ‘painting’ with wool! Adding here, taking away there, harmonizing colors. On top of the wool I used silk fibers and gold nylon ‘Firestar’ fibers to give extra shimmer in places, especially in the sun area.



Here's the final layout, ready for felting. The bottom triangular ‘waves’ are silk hankies. A silk hanky is a single silkworm cocoon that has been degummed and stretched onto a frame. It’s gossamer-fine and makes a lovely texture when felted with wool.

Silk hanky, silk sliver (combed silk fibers), gold Firestar

The finished piece after felting. I also felted a brooch for easy closure.


I'm working on some sky-themed painted scarves too... I'll show those in the next post.

If you live in Triangle area, mark your calendar for Friday March 25th, 6 - 9 pm! That’s the opening reception for Sky Touching Earth at Village Art Circle, 200 S. Academy St., Cary NC 27511. The show runs through April 27th.
Gallery Hours: Weds - Sat 11 - 5.