Shibori - Saying Yes to Pleats

My curiosity always gets the better of me. Many times when I do a pole-wrapped shibori scarf, I promise myself that I'm going to leave the pleats in after dyeing, but the temptation to open the scarf up and iron out the pleats to see the design is just too great to overcome. Finally, I've had the discipline to leave the pleats in some indigo dyed scarves! In this case, the pleats are really more of the story than the dye pattern is.

The pleats are formed when the silk is wrapped with string, pushed down on the pole, dyed and left to dry completely.

Here are my poles drying after being dunked in indigo dye. They took days to dry but it was worth the wait!



I'm glad I did this - the sinuous pleats are very cool and give the scarves great drape as well as an interesting shape.  Depending on how they are worn, they expand and contract like they have a life of their own! I added beads to the pointy tips for some extra oomph.


I'll have these (and several more) at Festival for the Eno this weekend July 4th & 5th, at West Point on the Eno Park in Durham, NC. Hours are 10 - 6 each day, rain or shine. I'll be in booth #59.... do stop by!