Asheville Village Art-Craft Fair is This Weekend!

Historic Biltmore Village in Asheville NC hosts the  Village Art & Craft Fair this weekend, August 1st and 2nd. 

The show takes place on the beautiful, leafy grounds of the Cathedral of All Souls. My scarves and I will be there in booth #9 on Angle St.

Show hours are Saturday 10 - 7, Sunday 12 - 6.

 Show flyer, painting by C. Shana Greger

Show flyer, painting by C. Shana Greger


This week I've been having fun with Colorhue dyes, following a workshop with Colorhue maven Marlene Glickman. She taught various ways of creating interesting abstract patterns with the dyes. Here are some of mine ~

Silk habotai scarf, hand painted with Colorhue dyes.

Unlike the dyes that I usually use, which have to be steam set to make them permanent, Colorhue dyes strike (bond with) the silk almost instantly, and don't require any kind of heat setting... which can be both a benefit and a drawback!

A benefit in that you get instant gratification. You can apply the dyes with spray bottles or pipettes and you're done. A drawback because you can't manipulate the dyes on the silk to make salt textures, alcohol lines or smooth color blends with a paintbrush (all the things we love about liquid dyes!), as the the dyes don't move once they strike the silk. However that very feature is what gives Colorhue its charm and allows you to create different types of designs that would be more difficult with 'regular' dyes.


I've had a love-hate relationship (mostly hate) with Colorhue ever since I bought my first set many years ago. I was frustrated when I couldn't have it all - dyes that I didn't have to set, but that still acted the same way as my steam set dyes on the silk! So I've only used them sparingly. Now that I've accepted them for what they are and have learned more about them, the pendulum is definitely swinging towards love!

 If you'd like to learn more about the cool stuff you can do with Colorhue dyes, catch Marlene at one of her workshops - she travels all over the place - or buy her DVD, available on her website.