A Wild, Wacky Nuno Felted Shawl

What I love about felting and nuno felting is the endless playing you can do! You can build up layers of fiber and fabric, creating textures both subtle and dramatic. You can trap objects like beads in between layers for extra dimension. Endless possibilities!

Wanting to include a large, water-themed felted piece in my recent show 'Flowing', I decided to  incorporate some new stuff I had learned in recent felting workshops... which you can check out in my post New Adventures in Felting.

For this piece I was thinking waves, sand, rocks, seaweed.


In my stash I had this beautifully dyed blue and green merino batt from Oldsheep, with white silk fibers already blended in. That definitely said "water" to me!

So I dyed a chiffon scarf light blue and went to work putting things together.


Contact me if you're interested in purchasing this unusual piece of wearable art!