More Indigo Dyed Silk Scarves

In about 6 weeks time I'll be having a solo show of my silk scarves as featured artist for the month of June at Village Art Circle in Cary, NC. I've decided to have 'water' as my theme, and have been busy painting and dyeing scarves with designs and colors that will hopefully evoke in the viewer a sense of fluid motion.

I'm working on several different techniques, but indigo dyeing is my latest adventure, and the combination of shibori wrapped resist and indigo dye seem like the perfect partners for what I'm trying to convey.

A selection of my indigo dyed silk scarves

I am totally fascinated by the nuances in color and almost 3-D organic design created by this dye! I don't get quite the same effect with any of the other dyes that I use. This really reminds me of looking down into a lake with light bouncing off the ripples. I may give some of these scarves a pale background color, to give a sense of reflected sky or other surroundings. 

What do you think? Do these patterns remind you of water?