Turning Dyed Silk Into Texture

In my previous post I talked about a parfait dyeing session I had with the Piedmont Silk Painters, where we created multicolored silks from layering 3 pieces of fabric and 3 colors of dye in the same jar. I loved the colors and patterns on some of the samples I did, and thought they'd be great to incorporate into a cosy, fall-colored felted shawl.


Using cut pieces from my red-orange-yellow silk samples, I laid out a mosaic design on a bed of black wool roving, and embellished with red and gold sari silk threads and  variegated wool/nylon yarn. Black pencil roving for lacy bottom edges and red wool for a ruffled neck edge completed the design. 

I had picked up that yarn (which is black and grey wool wrapped around yellow and orange nylon) at a clearance sale and it has sat in my stash for years, lonely and unused. I'm so glad that I finally found the perfect thing to do with it!

That's my whole layout on the table. Next comes a lot of soapy water and agitation to make everything felt together. And here's the result -

I'm very pleased with how this turned out, especially as this is the first time I've done a design quite like this!

The silk and yarn crinkled beautifully. The yellow and orange nylon part of the yarn really pops against the black background in delightful little squiggles. I made random holes in the body of the shawl to complement the lacy fringe, and those add some nice extra interest.


If you'd like to add this piece to your wearable art collection, you can find it at Village Art Circle, or contact me if you'd like me to create a similar one for you!