Hand Painted, Nuno Felted Wrap - A Harmony of Colors

Now that hot summer temperatures have begun to cool off, it's time create some more felted scarves! I sold several at the Atalaya Festival two weekends ago, so it's great to have an excuse to make more.

Most of my felted work is done with already-dyed wool, but for this piece I started with mostly undyed fibers and fabrics, and hand painted after felting. This gives quite a different and very harmonious look to the scarf, as silk and wool are all painted together. It's more work, but worth the effort!

I'm calling this a wrap, as it can be wrapped several times around your body or draped over your shoulders. It features dimensional silk rosettes and many organic textures and dangly bits of fabric.

Nuno felted, hand painted wrap, 14" x 80". Wool, silk and tencel fibers; silk fabrics on silk gauze.

Here's the beginnings of this piece. It's hard to see, (I do need to get a darker covering for my table so I can see what i'm doing when I work like this!) but there's a piece of silk gauze - almost transparent - laid out on my table, embellished with various bits of other mostly white silk fabrics and silk fibers, which will become felted to the gauze via a layer of wool between the gauze base and the embellishments. 

When felted, the embellishments will shrink and crinkle beautifully to look like ruffles or bark.

Only when felting is finished is the wrap painted with dyes.



I never cease to be fascinated by the textures created when silk fabrics, or silk and wool, are felted together! These are close ups of different areas of the wrap - click the images for a larger view.

This long wrap is super soft, light and warm with a lovely drape. And it's surprisingly lightweight. Contact me if you'd like to own a piece of wearable art like this!