Silky Waves of Purple

Last week was spent in Charleston SC, visiting with family. I had taken all my new scarves with me to photograph but only managed to do a few of them, which I'll be posting over the next several days. Funny how before you take a trip, the prospect of all this "free time" stretches before you. How quickly that "time" evaporates!
Since the middle of August I had been painting scarves like a crazy lady,  in preparation for the big Lazy Daze Festival in Cary NC on August 27th. Hurricane Irene chose just that day to blow by, canceling the show. We were fortunate to have only tropical storm conditions in Cary, but it was definitely too windy and rainy to go on with the show. 
I'm back home now and working on another project that was supposed to have got done in Charleston - I'm applying for an artist grant from our regional United Arts Council to help with expenses for a solo exhibition that I'll be  having in Barbados in December 2012. The deadline for this round of grants is September 15th - so I don't think I'll be doing much painting until then but I'll share the scarves I was working on.

Having fun with waves of purple

Getting a little professional photography help from my cousin's cat