Pole Wound Shibori Scarves


Forest Fire, 14 x 68 

Here's a nice fall design I got from folding, twisting and wrapping a scarf around a pole before painting. I used olive green, rust and brown on a pale brownish-grey background. I also got the most gorgeous goldy-greens and bronzes from the dyes mixing.

Pole wound shibori scarves start out like this:

and end up like this:

Sunset With a Hint of Storm, 11 X 58


A Walk in The Woods, 11 x 58


I find the patterns created by this technique so fascinating. All related and yet each one so unique.

 The silk in the top one is charmeuse - soft and slinky and shiny - my favorite!

For anyone interested in having fun with shibori I recommend Shibori Designs and Techniques by Mandy Southan. I'm sure there are many other good ones out there but this is the one I have and I love it!