Come to Festifall in Chapel Hill This Sunday

Festifall is this Sunday October 2nd, 12 - 6 pm. Downtown Chapel Hill NC, on Franklin St. I'll be in booth #A39.

Sunday is forecast to be cool and dry, which would be a nice change, considering how my shows have been going! Lazy Daze in August was cancelled by Hurricane Irene and Sax River Art-Walk last Saturday was also a washout.

On Saturday there was supposed to be only a 30% chance of rain and we sure got it! Setting up was fine but the heavens cracked open on the dot of 10 am, just at show opening. A crack soon became a gaping hole and it poured and poured. Because the show area was at the bottom of a grassy hill, there were soon rivers of muddy water rushing downhill where there were areas of bare earth.

Several booths were flooded and some artists packed up and went home soon after the show started. I didn't get flooded out but there were several pools in my booth! Eventually one of the organizers arrived with bales of hay, which were spread all around to help soak up some of the water. The hay certainly helped but everywhere remained soggy. There was a little clearing in the afternoon which brightened spirits and brought a few shoppers out, but the rain, not to be vanquished, started again at tear down.

Art-Walk was put on by the Saxapahaw Artists. It was a very small show but in a nice setting on the banks of the Haw River. This was a first time show, which is difficult enough to organize without Ma Nature working totally against you... I hope next year will be better.

Many artists I've talked to have complained about the increasing frequency of rained-out shows. If this is a trend it's very troubling since so many of us depend on outdoor shows to sell our work. Climate change, anyone?