Silk Painting Demo at the New Cary Arts Center

By all accounts, the opening and dedication ceremony of the  Cary Arts Center  last Saturday was a success. When I arrived at 11 a.m. there were already swarms of people there and I was told it had been like that since 9 a.m. Since the arts center used to be an elementary school, there are lots of classrooms, and every one was filled with people looking at displays, watching demos, creating creative things or even taking free dance lessons. There were also various performances going on in the theater. It was great to see such a crowd turn out for the arts center.

I was part of the Fine Arts League of Cary group and gave about a 2-1/2 hour demo of silk painting. I decided to start painting a scarf with an abstract leafy pattern that I just made up on the fly, freehanding with resist for a bit and then painting for a bit.  My goal was just to use simple outlines and lots of different colors, to show how the dyes flowed and blended effortlessly on the silk, while being controlled by the resist lines. As always with people encountering silk painting for the first time, onlookers were intrigued by this strange medium!

Just getting started

Almost to the other end

At this point it was time to pack up and make room for the next shift of artists to come in. So here's what I have so far...

Not sure where'll I go from here. Right now there's not enough contrast between the leaves and the background in each segment, since I wasn't thinking about the finer points of composition! I'll probably leave the leaves as they are and darken the background. Any other ideas?