Carnival Scarf

Got color? This silk scarf reminds me of Carnival in my native Trinidad. It got sold as soon as it was done... I love when that happens! I promise you, the colors of the real thing are much more vivid than what you see on your screen. Here are the steps of its creation:

I free handed a scrolly, swirly design with resist and painted with orange, fuchsia, purple and lime green dyes. These are the types of shapes I doodle when I'm talking on the phone... I thought it was high time I made something useful out of them!

Paler versions of the same colors and another layer of shapes made up the background. Sure, I could have left it right there... I think this looks pretty cool. But my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to find out what it would it would look like with the contrast of a black background.

I guess the answer would be... dramatic! This scarf is not for the faint of heart and the person who bought it has the perfect personality to wear it with flair.

Speaking of doodling, this is another silk  painting I had done based on my phone doodles. 'Falling Flower' was sold last year.