More Shibori

A different type of shibori this time. Created again by folding and wrapping the scarf around a pole but with the addition of tying string around it. The string acts as a resist and slows down the movement of the dyes, leaving lighter areas.

On this one, I used string that had been used to bind a pink scarf. I wanted to see if/how the dye would transfer from the string to the silk. I got a nice surprise! Not only did I get funky pink stripes through one section of the scarf (just to the left of middle in this photo), I also got the texture of the string showing up.

This last scarf is a 'rescue overdye'.  I had done fold and clamp resist (see this post) and painted with medium shades of earth tones. I hated it. Tried to fix it by re-clamping and painting with the same colors. Didn't work. Re-folded and clamped for a 3rd time and painted with solid, dark brown.  Finally it looks interesting! Not my favorite piece but it was a good learning exercise!