What's A Luminarium Anyway?

This past weekend I had a booth at Artsplosure in Raleigh. We were so thankful for picture perfect weather... forecasted thunderstorms never materialized. Scarves were a good seller for me so now I need to get busy creating more! There was so much going on at the festival, especially for kids... made me wish I was 10 again so I could run around doing all the fun stuff! But I did get a chance to check out some of the fun stuff besides the other art booths, thanks to hubby Ron booth sitting for me.

I loved the luminarium, created by Architects of Air. It's a huge inflatable plastic structure with a maze of seemingly endless tunnels in different colors. The way the light comes through it, plus the new age music playing, makes for a surreal and definitely unusual experience. My favorite overheard comment by a kid as he ran excitedly through the tunnels - "There's no wrong way, ever!"

Looking up at one of the ceilings

The outside - you'd never guess what awaits inside!

There was a variety of kiddie arts and crafts activities

Lots of ooh's and aah's for the juggling acrobats of AcroEntertainment

There was lots of music. This is the Southeast Raleigh High School Jazz Band. They sounded like real pros and were my fave band for the weekend.

Paperhand Puppet Intervention rocked the square with lively percussion...

... and a parade of giant size puppets through the grounds.

There's always a massive sand sculpture created by Sandy Feat. Most fascinating to watch take shape.
Artsplosure is a fun show to do and has a great atmosphere... I'll hopefully be back next year!