Screen Printing Silk Scarves

A couple of weeks ago 4 members of the Piedmont Silk Painters - Marcia, Janine, Kathryn and myself - met at Marcia's studio to play. The game - screen printing on silk scarves. Janine showed us how to design screens, using masking tape as the resist. Marcia already had several blank screens ready, so all we had to do was make our designs.

Marcia using torn blue tape to create her design.
My screen. The yellow-y design is the torn masking tape. It started out being an abstract design but ended up looking like a landscape.
We used thickened Procion MX dyes for color. Janine had pre-soaked the silk in soda ash, so there was no need to add any extra fixative.
Janine demonstrating the first pass of dye through her screen. Kathryn and Marcia look on. The silk is pinned to the table and the screen is placed face down on top of the silk. Dyes are poured in the well of the screen and dragged across the screen with a squeegee. Wherever the tape is, the dye doesn't go through.
Results of first pass. The process can be repeated as many times as you like.
First pass with my screen
Second pass
Janine used a completely different screen and color for her second pass.
Kathryn's after 2 passes
Marcia's finished piece. She hand painted this wonderful face over her screen printed background.

Deborah Younglao silk scarf

My finished scarf. I did 3 passes with the screen and added some pale yellow highlights. Looks like some kind of fractured landscape, I think.