Art to Art Inspiration

A few days ago I got an email from a fellow Redbubble artist, Marsha Free, saying how much she liked my work and that it had inspired one of her own paintings. It's always humbling to hear that someone finds my paintings inspiring, and this time was no exception.

"She Does", pictured below, is Marsha's silk painting-inspired piece. It's acrylic and watercolor pencil. It really does resemble a silk painting with the characteristic white outlines. Here's how Marsha describes the painting on her Redbubble site: "This abstract “white lined” painting of orchids is titled “She Does” because the meanings of orchids include love, beauty, and strength. My inspiration comes from two sources – The lyrics of the Collective Soul song of the same title speak of love, beauty and strength in every little thing that She does and the work of Deborah Younglao".
I love how different types of art inspire each other!

"She Does" by Marsha Free. Watercolor pencil and acrylic on paper.