My New Artfire Store is Open!

OK so my Artfire store still doesn't have very much in it, since I've sold several of the scarves I had planned to list :-), but please go have a look anyway! Some of my mini-paintings are there too, I need to create some more of those as well. It's going to be quite a challenge keeping this store decently stocked in addition to having enough painting inventory to take to shows, but I'm having too much fun with the scarves not to try. There have been shows where I displayed scarves as well as paintings but I really didn't like having both... my booth looked too cluttered. Hence having a separate venue for them all together.

These are some of my scarf listings. Shipping is free in the US, and if you'd like me to create a scarf just for you, please let me know!

Deborah Younglao silk scarf colorful swirls
Deborah Younglao silk scarf red and brown
Deborah Younglao silk scarf shimmering dots

Deborah Younglao silk scarf purple mist

Deborah Younglao silk scarf, ivy leavesThis scarf with the ivy leaves was featured recently in the Smooth as Silk Collection... yay! It's the last one on the bottom row.

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