Alter Ego Dyeing Revisited

In a previous post I described my first attempt at dyeing with Alter Ego dyes - a combination of dyes that are used on silk/rayon blends, with the result being the silk and rayon fibers get dyed different colors. The scarf below was my project scarf - rayon velvet pile on a silk chiffon backing. The butterfly and swirls design is the silk showing. The post referred to above describes how I created it using devoré or burn out technique. I had used turquoise for the silk and purple for the rayon, but forgot to add salt to the dye mixture, which I discovered is essential for fixing the rayon dye! I had watched in dismay as all my beautiful purple dye washed down the sink when I rinsed the scarf out, leaving me with a pale blue scarf. It's not bad, but not what I was going for.

Deorah Younglao devore scarf

Last week I took my scarf up to Marcia's studio again for a re-do with the purple rayon dye, this time double and triple checking to make sure the salt was in the dye pot. After the appropriate 'cooking' time on the stove, I held my breath as I rinsed the scarf out, half-expecting to see color washing down the sink again. But voilà.... success! The rayon turned out the most sumptuous, deep shade of blue-violet, and the turquoise design really pops against it. This photo taken with Marcia's camera shows the colors nicely.

Deborah Younglao alter ego dyed scarf

The back side of these velvet scarves isn't very attractive - there's no velvet pile and the design doesn't show - so I'm going to dye another piece of silk turquoise and sew that on as a backing, which should make the design pop even more. Stay tuned!