New Year, New Stuff

I guess everything comes in cycles. Ebb and flow, wax and wane. When I first started silk painting, scarves were all I painted. You can get the blanks already hemmed and in various sizes, so they are the easiest introduction to this medium. After a few years I got tired of doing wearables and turned my attention to fine art, which is what I've been doing for the past 10 years or so. Now my interest in wearable art is on the rise again, fueled by several orders of scarves that I got in the latter half of 2010. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed painting scarves - the freedom to paint more playfully and not be concerned with painting 'a picture'. Not to have to fret too much about composition, while still creating a beautiful piece. So I'm going to be painting more of them, and using them as a vehicle to reach my goal of painting (almost) every day. I plan to always have a scarf stretched on the frame, on the opposite side of the table from whatever painting I'm working on. Even if I only add a few strokes of color to the scarf, at least I will have painted something!

My first two scarves for the year will be special orders. Here's the beginning of the first one with the background painted and white flowers awaiting some shading. The flowers are outlined with resist, which prevents the background colors from seeping in. For the most part anyway - I did get several leaks of burgundy dye into the white petals, but I'm leaving them be as they'll blend nicely into the shading.

Deborah Younglao silk scarf in progress
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