Another Scarf Sold

Deborah Younglao silk scarf detail
So I'm trying to get my scarves listed on Artfire but I keep selling them before they can make it online! :-) I had just finished painting this scarf when my friend came to pick up the one she had ordered, and fell in love with this one as well! She said it brought back strong feelings of the ocean during a night dive and she was waiting for dolphins to come leaping out of it! I was humbled that what was just an abstract design for me evoked such beautiful imagery for someone else. So she grabbed this one and ordered yet another one. I'm loving this and feeling very blessed, especially as my painting sales are always slow at this time of the year, when I don't have any shows.

I did this long shot with Photoshop photomerge, first time I've used it. My frame looks a bit wonky because I couldn't keep the angle of the camera constant, but I think the PM did a great job of piecing my 4 shots together!

Deborah Younglao silk scarf on frame

Meanwhile I do have a few scarves and mini-paintings up in my Artfire store. I'm delaying the 'official' opening announcement until I have a more decent array of items in it, but if you'd like to see how it's coming along, go here to my Artfire Store.