And The Winner Is...

Thank you to all who entered my Note Card Giveaway and shared your New Year's resolutions! It was fun reading everyone's goals for this year and seeing the common strands. We have a lot of creative folks who are determined to spend more time creating, and most importantly, creating the things they really love. Taking better care of our health is a biggie. Also important is being more attentive to people, especially family, and going after new experiences.

It's cliche that resolutions will be broken in no time and goals will not be reached. But we do have to keep trying. I think that saying them out loud to someone or writing them down for others to see gives us a higher level of commitment than thinking them to ourselves. May we all be successful THIS year in sticking with whatever we've resolved to do!
Here's hubby drawing the winning name out of my winter hat that has seen far too much use this season! Congrats to JK of The Vintage Handbag! Check out her website for some really cool and artsy vintage bags and purses.
Deborah Younglao note card giveaway drawing
And here's what she won: a set of my hand painted notecards. Each one is a piece of painted silk, mounted onto a 5 x 7 blank card. Each mini painting is different but they go nicely together as a set. JK, your cards will be on their way to you soon!
Deborah Younglao note card giveaway