Special Order Scarf: Panda & Bamboo

Who doesn't like pandas? Cute 'n cuddly critters, aren't they? My friend Winona has a friend who is nuts over pandas and collects then in all forms (except for the real thing). Winona wanted to give her friend a special gift, so what better gift than pandas that you can wear?

Here's the beginnings of it. The scarf will have the panda at each end and bamboo shoots along the length of the scarf. This is a silk jacquard. The light/dark patterns you see on the silk are shiny/flat textures that are woven into the fabric. Dyeing enhances this pattern and gives the silk an almost iridescent look, which constantly changes as the silk moves.

Deborah Younglao silk scarf panda and bamboo
I'm using water based resist to outline my shapes in this piece. The texture of the silk makes it somewhat difficult to draw a good resist line... the tip of the bottle kept getting caught up on the silk where it met a change in weave. What I could have done is either stretch the scarf more to really flatten out the silk, or turn the piece over and draw the resist again on the back side, to ensure that the resist went right through. However I decided to stay with my imperfect resist line and let the dye leak through wherever it wanted. These leaks are the 'blooms' you see around some of the leaves and stems; I think that by letting them be, they'll blend nicely into the background when that's all painted.