Parrot Painting Finished

Deborah Younglao parrot silk painting
It's done! Well mostly. The dyes have been steam set and the painting is just awaiting being mounted on stretched canvas. It will measure 30" x 24". There is an interesting story behind this painting, which I don't want to divulge until the painting is in the recipient's hands, since it's a surprise gift.

Although this is a commissioned piece, I was given free reign to do what I wanted with it, within a just a few guidelines. I hope they'll be pleased! The real deal is really much nicer than this photo suggests. The color balance is off and there are details you can't see. I left my camera in Grenada with Ron and have had to resort to my cell phone for these last couple of pics, which is definitely not a good thing and an exercise in frustration. Can't wait to get my real camera back and take a more decent photo!