Painting the Background

Deborah Younglao parrot silk painting in progress
OK, the main characters have been painted, so it's on to the background. I first painted a pale green wash over the whole thing to give it a cool, swampy feeling. Instead of resisting all my shapes here, I treated the silk with No-Flow so the dyes wouldn't spread, which lets me paint without resist. Since the background shapes won't be outlined and clearly demarcated like the parrots, hibiscus and foliage, they will tend to stay more in the background. This is only a start... lots more work to do here.

Unfortunately I have to put these guys on hold again, as I'm going away again tomorrow! Ron got invited to give some lectures at the Vet School at St. George's University in Grenada. They are buying my ticket too, so that's definitely not an offer to be turned down. We are just hoping the the all the tropical waves churning in the area will give us a chance to enjoy the island as it should be enjoyed! Be back soon....