Silk Art Newsletter #3 is Done!

Just published the 3rd issue of my newsletter. I've decided to do them quarterly for now, and while I know that I should be writing it throughout the three months, putting things together as they happen, I left everything for the last few days in the quarter.... not good! My aching neck and shoulders are certainly telling me so. Maybe I'll do better this quarter but I don't know... at school and in college I always left major projects till the last minute, stressing myself out unduly in the process... just couldn't seem to help myself. Bad habits are definitely hard to break even when you know they're not good for you!

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My featured artist in this issue is Susanne Clark. Susanne does some amazing musically related acrylic paintings. Her compositions are so creative, with lots of unexpected textures and patterns. Here are a couple, please visit her website and blog to see more!

susanne clark musical acrylic painting
susanne clark musical acrylic painting
I'm getting ready for my last show of the year - Festifall in Chapel Hill, NC. It's on Sunday only, which is pretty unusual for a show.... I guess they must have a good reason. This will be first time trying it.