New Commissioned Painting

Yes I know it doesn't look like much yet but this is just the first step! This will be a 30" x 24" painting for a client who's giving it as a surprise gift to someone. I can't give too many details, just in case the recipient happens across my blog and guesses what's going on! I've been told that's pretty unlikely, though. I'll just say the scene is a type of parrot in a cypress swamp setting. Not the usual place you'd expect to find parrots, but I'll explain when it's all done.

In most of the paintings I've posted here, I've worked across the whole painting at once, building layers with wax and dye as I go. In this piece I'll be working in sections, pretty much completing one section before moving on to the next. If you look closely you can see my pencil drawing on the silk, which I traced from my line drawing on paper. Instead of brushing on hot wax resist, I'm using water based resist in a squeeze bottle. Drawing with the squeeze bottle, I outline my shapes with resist so the dyes stay within that space. But within each resist-enclosed shape, I let it do its fluid, flow-y thing.

Deborah Younglao silk painting progress