Silk Scarf Commission Finished!

Yay - I've finished and shipped the 40 scarves I painted for the musicians performing in the Ovarian Cancer Gratitude Concerts this week. See my August 20th post for details on this commissioned project.

The photos show detail of each of the color variations. These cool patterns were formed by painting the silk while it's folded, and leaving it to dry that way. The dye settles in the folds and produces the irregular dark lines. A sprinkle of salt also creates some funky textures. This fun technique is pretty much out of the artist's control - you can place the dyes where you want them, but where they go and what they do is their business and theirs alone!

Julie, my client and organizer of the concerts, is most pleased with the scarves so I'm a happy camper! The first concert is on Wednesday and I'm able to go, so I'm looking forward to seeing my scarves on the performers and hearing their original music! I'll try and get some pix if I'm allowed.





Teal - Maroon