More Jacquard Silk Paintings

Deborah Younglao parrot silk paintingMunchies, 16 x 12. Dyes & resist on silk, machine quilted

Deborah Younglao parrot silk paintingWhere's the Parrot? 16 x 12. Dyes & resist on silk, machine quilted

Here are 2 more of my older paintings on silk jacquard. This weave is the same leafy pattern as in the previous post. The jacquard can be bit tricky to paint on, because the weave pattern plays with your eyes and you're sometimes not sure what you're painting! But I love the effects so it's worth the trouble.

These pieces are whole cloth paintings which I've then machine quilted. This parrot in a nature reserve was just going to town on a banana plant... I'm not sure if the plant survived the onslaught! I had decided to paint the background just a solid complementary color so the parrot and plant really stood out.

The bottom painting is called 'Where's the Parrot?' Can you find him and figure out what he's up to?