Atalaya Festival

Deborah YOunglao red abstract flower silk paintingThis show is in such a lovely setting but it was pretty disappointing for me. We got off to a good start on Friday, with decent crowds and sales for a Friday (Fridays are usually slow). I was happy to have sold my painting 'Falling Flower'. This was an experimental painting that for some reason never resonated with me, but lots of other people liked it, and someone liked it enough to buy it. Goes to show... art is truly subjective!

Saturday was extremely slow for most people... the crowd was way down from what it usually is. Sunday was rainy with only a few brave souls coming out... so thank God for Friday!

I took photos of a few of my favorite booths:

Glass Art
by David and Veronica Bennett
"Gorgeous Gourds"
by Yank Brice

Linda Dalton Pottery

Glass Vessels
by Earl O. James
Cleveland, OH

Yours truly

atalaya festival booths
View from above - they really pack the booths in! Even though booths are really close together, I love being among the palm trees

atalaya festival booths
Nighty-night. The promise of tomorrow hangs in the air... too bad it never materialized

spoonbills at huntington beach state park

The highlight of the weekend for me was bird watching at the lagoon. Our motel was only 5 minutes away so it was easy to get there at 6 a.m. to watch the lagoon come alive with squadrons of shore birds swooping down from the surrounding trees to feed. There's a causeway that runs right through the lagoon, so you can see the birds up close and personal. Among the herons, egrets, ibis and wood storks were a couple of the roseate spoonbills (tropical birds not supposed to be in SC) causing much excitement among the many photographers lined up along the causeway. They're the pink guys in the middle photos. In the last photo you can see 2 egrets doing their courtship thing.

I have more bird photos on Facebook, if you'd like to see them.