Yikes - I've Succumbed to Twitter!

When blogging became popular several years ago, I resisted with all the force I could muster. What a waste of time I thought. Who cares about reading someone else's journal online? That is, until I saw how many other artists were blogging and realized how much I enjoyed reading about how they create their art. And here I am 2 years later, having made some good friends and shared wonderful art.

With Twitter, the resistance was even stronger. Now THERE was a total waste of time. But I was curious as to how it could be used to promote my art and do further networking. After listening to some very helpful social media teleseminars by smARTist, and hearing/reading other artists' success stories, I was convinced. It's still taken a lot of dithering and procrastination but I've taken the plunge. I only hope the learning curve isn't too steep. If you're on Twitter too, connect with me here!

I've also created a Facebook Page for my art and integrated it with this blog and with Twitter... I'm looking forward to new relationships and one big networking party!