Silk Scarves Commissioned

You just never know. Soon after my return from Santa Fe I was contacted by Julie, an ovarian cancer survivor and music composition teacher. She was looking for art to put on a new ovarian cancer awareness website, so she did a google search for "teal art" (teal is the signature color for ovarian cancer). My painting 'Teal/Tangerine' came up and it was one that she chose for the website! The website is a really comprehensive one for ovarian cancer patients/survivors. I can't post a link to it here since it isn't public yet, but it should be soon.

Deborah Younglao abstract silk painting: Teal/Tangerine
Julie also wanted something artistic for her students to wear when they perform their compositions at a 'Gratitude Concert' in September, which will be a "thank you" to the caregivers at UNC Women's Hospital in Chapel Hill NC, who have helped her and others with their recovery. I thought this was a wonderful project, and was delighted to accept a commission to paint 40 mini-scarves that the performers will wear in whatever way they choose. They will be simple abstract designs with teal as the main color, and various color accents in earth tones.

Here's the first batch with dye freshly applied. These are 4 of the scarves (they're just 6" x 24") together. I first wet and randomly pleated them then brushed on the dye. I then left them alone for the dyes to move and blend and do their thing.

Deborah Younglao silk scarves in progress
And here are some all done. Two interesting things happened while they were left to their own devices - the dye settled into the folds of the silk and formed dark lines (click the picture to see these better), and some of that orangey-rust color morphed into brown, tan, peach and olive green, depending on how the dyes were moving. I knew they'd blend of course, but wasn't expecting this much! Probably because I was working much wetter than usual, the dyes really made a run for it. It was a surprise, but a pleasant one. Whereas I thought I'd be getting mainly 2-color scarves, I got up to 5 colors in some. The patterns remind me of tree bark - they're pretty funky. Julie loves them, so it's onward with the rest!

Deborah Younglao silk scarves